Monday, August 20, 2012

Around about Meal Planning Post.

I realized this weekend that I really should have been raised on a farm in the 1900's. Except for that "no air conditioning" thing. And the whole "obey your spouse" thing. Oh and the "no bath" thing.

Okay so really the only thing 1900 farmish about me is my love of cooking...and (here comes the nerd) canning!! I heart it.

I have like 15 cans of jam in my pantry that I made...blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry. I also made vanilla extract out of beans and homemade butter that I churned.

Just kidding. I totally didn't churn butter.


Why did I realize it this weekend!? What oh WHAT did I can!?! Are you DYING of curiosity yet??

Okay so technically I didn't can anything this weekend. But I was GOING to.

I know.


I did buy a humongo can of tomatoes to make my homemade sauce and then can, since my basil plant is rocking my face off. I am a gardening genius. Except for the garden tomatoes. We just won't talk about the damn garden tomatoes. Mainly because they don't exist. Back to canning - when we got home we realized it was tomato paste and not crushed tomatoes. Oops. Since we live 20 minutes away from the Costco that we bought it from (I told you it was a humongo can) I decided to tackle that next weekend. Oh and after research found out it's better to freeze tomato sauce anyway. Boo. No canning needed.

BUT ALAS! Like every project I do, it built up to canning my husband's salsa too. Because it's awesome. Because his other personality is an 80 year old Mexican Grandma (and he won't share his recipe so don't ask, he'll purposely leave something out).
But...not to be outdone this weekend I started cooking for the upcoming week like a madwoman. It's pretty pathetic but I was basically in competition with future self next weekend trying to upstage that futuristic good looking B with her canning skills.

Anywho, it resulted in planning my meals for the next couple of weeks. YAY! Finally, another Meal Planning post. I know, you missed me and have been surviving on crackers and milk since my last. It's okay. I am here to help. Next post I will be posting a recipe for Thai Chicken Laab and Shrimp/Crab/Cucumber Mexican Dip stuff (obviously this is the technical name) that my Mexican Grandmother of a husband makes. It's pretty much amazing.

This week o' meals:
 Sunday (last night) - Skinnytaste Mom's Spanish Chicken and Rice (yum-o and makes a TON, oh and use thighs, way better than breasts)
Sunday (made for lunches) - Chicken Salad for Sandwiches. 4 c chicken (leftover from rotisserie chicken), 3/4 ish c light mayo, 1 t Dijon, 1/4 t Dill (to taste), salt, pepper, 1/3 c Chopped fine celery, 1/4 c Chopped fine Red Onion, 1T fresh parsley chopped fine. Do everything to taste, mix it up, add more, add less, whatev! Yum! (Made for quick dinners): Turkey Burgers  (1 batch Buffalo Turkey Burgers without the blue cheese, and 1 batch Zucchini Turkey Burgers)
Wednesday - Pork Chops with Sweet Pepper Glaze bought at Costco.
Monday - Dinner at friends while husband's go to Rangers game.
Tuesday - Sicilian Rice Ball Casserole (Made Sunday night)
Wednesday - Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Zucchini Boats
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Spicy Black Bean Burgers (Doubled, made Sunday, froze in container labeled for easy use whenever we want, had to add more oats though as mine was pretty soft). Or leftovers. Depends on our mood. Probably pizza. But we totally have the burgers if wanted them.
Saturday - Asian Chicken Peanut Noodles One of my favorite faves!!!! Mmmmm.

Next Week:
 Sunday - Smoked Chicken Thighs, Roasted Potatoes, Zucchini and Squash roasted in pan with garlic and onion and olive oil.
Monday - Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps (to be honest I only use her recipe as a guide. I add ginger, Asian Hot Sauce (can't think of name), soy sauce, oyster, hoison sauce, fish sauce, chestnuts, green onion, salt, pepper, let it marinade over night. Serve with whatever you want in lettuce!)
Tuesday - Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Breasts without the blue cheese (we no likey)
Wednesday - Leftovers
Thursday - Chicken Teriyaki with this GREAT teriyaki sauce I bought from Costco. Kinda spicy. Yum. With red peppers, onion, pineapple and rice).
Friday - Out of Town!

In closing - no we have heard diddly on our approval. We have another two weeks until we should though so I am not worrying about it. That's a lie. I'm totally worrying. But I shouldn't be.


My youngest kiddo Lil'Guy ate two Costco hot dogs. TWO. That's a full HALF pound for those that don't know Costco. Plus bun. Yes, we let him eat two. No, we didn't expect him to actually finish the second, we were calling his bluff. He showed us. No, we weren't worried about the hydromonotriglerceglutenidmoes in them. We were too focused on being proud / horrified about the teenage future him. I envision him eating 80% of the time and rolling his eyes the next 20%. Ha! But seriously....


Lil'dude lost his second tooth last night! Tooth fairy came (good thing he woke up and had a nightmare or she would have lots of 'splaining to do). Is it odd that my kid grows his new teeth before his old fall out? He must be seriously vain. I was pretty sure he wasn't going to let go of that dollar all morning (good thing he didn't count his piggy bank, had to go to my kid's bank to break a five dollar bill).


Lil'Dude and I had a mommy-son afternoon date Friday afternoon, just him and me. We went and got ice cream then played at the park where I spun him on a twirly ride, then he so sweetly wanted to spin me. I let him, he wouldn't stop, it got fast, I got dizzy. We had to book it home where the ice cream came back up on me. Seriously? I'm not even 30 and I already can't hang. Who actually throws up from one of those twirly things? Not my kid. Me. Lil'Dude told me that I did it because I was so old, I'm not five anymore. Thanks dude.

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