Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Firetruck Party - Lil'Dude Style

So I've been a little MIA lately and after this post you'll know why! I've been busy planning Lil'Dude's Big Firetruck Birthday Party!!!

Saturday was the day of the party. He'll be 4 on Tuesday but until then I'm living in a blissful state of denial. So we won't talk about the birthday part...just the party. Until Tuesday that is, his actual birthday. When I'm sure I'll be a big crying mess. I mean 4 just sounds so old. Nope. I'm stopping talking now. I refuse to discuss it until then.

Not. Discussing.

In honor of Lil'Dude's Not-talking-about birthday we did a firetruck party. And since after last year's big baseball party we made the oh-so-strict rule that we are only doing a big party every other year, so we did a small party this year.

Psh. Yeah, like that was going to happen. I mean it's a Firetruck Party!! Who could resist not going all out with that. Especially when I called Aubrey Fire Dept and they said they will come out with a firetruck and ambulance to the party for FREE!!

After much planning, a little stress, and a whole lot of cake-making, the Firetruck party was a success! We had games, firetrucks, way too many cookies, and of course great friends. Lil'Dude told me he had so much fun, and he thought the whole thing was "amazing" (the new "word of the week")

So here's how it all went down...

We had the party at a clubhouse in our neighborhood that you can rent from the HOA. We learned the hard way that with people staying at our house during parties from out of town, we just can't fit that many people into our home. Plus then I have to clean. And organize. This room is perfect, close, and the firetruck could pull right up to the front, not blocking the street or having people worry about cars coming by.

Anywho, so for decorations I just got red and gold yellow tablecloths. There were 8 tables so 4 of them had toy firetrucks on them with little fireman spread around, and 4 had Bucket Centerpieces. I took black buckets, then filled them with Hot Tomales, Red Hots, Flaming Cheetos, and a bottle of water that my friend Jannelleybean made some labels for that said "Fire Extinguisher". Then I added Red and yellow tissue paper to resemble flames all around it. I was worried these wouldn't come together but they really did and I was so happy to have something unique there.

Since the party was at 11am we served French Bread Sandwiches and chips with Brewerman's yum-o salsa and cookies.
Dannananer Sneaking food pre-party

The cake I made and Lil'Dude specifically requested a "firetruck cake with a puppy dog and ladder". So that's what he got! He also wanted an ambulance cake with it but I pretty much laughed in his face when he said that and told him he was pushing his luck. Psh. Two cakes. Nice try kiddo.

I made him some flame cupcakes to go with it too because I was a little worried we wouldn't have enough cake. Like we have ever run out before...I know, but hey, they were cute! Oh and I threw in a little Lil'Dude Fireman for good nature.

Firetruck cake with cupcakes- All edible!

Fondant Firedog and Fire-Lil'Dude
Firetruck Cake

Flaming Cupcakes
 Of course it only took a short 8 hours of just decorating but so worth it to see my son's face.

We had a couple games planned in between lunch and firetruck time. The first of which was an obstacle course where they earned their fire hat and badge. This was a ball, the kids really got into it. They had to push the firetruck to the "house on fire" and save the baby doll inside. Then push it over to the tree and save the kitty in the tree. After which they got their badge!

After this all the kids got to customize their hats with stickers like some real fireman do! This was fun for the kids and I think they really got into it. After that we played a game of "pin the badge on the firedog" and Lil'Dude got it perfect in the first try! I even triple checked that he couldn't see! Crazy, but you know, he's a genius and obviously this game just showed everyone that this boy is going places.

Saving the baby doll

Birthday Boy saving the kitty
Got it first try! 

Adding Stickers to his hat. 

Then the FIRE TRUCK CAME!! We see it all go to the doors to watch!

Then we see the firetruck turn on it's lights and sirens and it doesn't stop. It's going around the block! We are thinking "How cool is that!? They are letting the kids see it with the lights and sirens on!" Then it keeps going...and going...and going. Turns out they got a call right when they pulled in! What are the odds? 

So after making all sorts of angry calls because someone would dare get hurt during my child's Firetruck party, we decide to open presents. Kidding of course, we totally understood and while we were bummed we got it. And hey - the kids got to see it with it's lights and sirens on! How cool is that!?

After opening presents, then me pushing each child 8 times around the entire building in the push firetruck and making fake siren noises and honking...then passing out on a chair from lack of being fit, we get a call! The firetruck is coming back!! 

So they came back and it was amazing. Lil'Dude got to sit in the front seat, turn on the lights and the siren. Then he got to sit in the ambulance, look at all the cool gadgets, all the kids got to get in and all over the firetruck and ambulance. The fireman then went inside and put on all the fire equipment, the kids got to watch and after he was done he gave them high fives and they could go up and look. This was amazing because the kids learned to not be scared if something ever happened. It was the perfect ending to a great party. 


Turning on the siren

Our Firetruckin' Fam

I'm so thankful to all our friends and family that were there. It was a ball to plan and I hope everyone had fun! Now to start planning Lil'Guy's football party for May....whew.

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  1. Wow! Sounds awesome!! I'm not really the creative type so when Audie is a little older expect calls from me for party ideas ;)