Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Letting Go of Your Plan

So if you haven't already, please run over to my good friend Traci's website, Wellness Mamas, and check out the article I wrote. It's raw, and I really had very little control with this one. It just sort of came out no holds barred:

Click this link: Letting Go of Your Plan

While you are at it, like her page and follow her website! It's a website that is by women for women. It's to support women in all their health and wellness goals including business, parenting, and lifestyles. She just started it and it's growing! Wanna contribute? Contact her and she would LOVE to hear from guest writers!

It's funny though because after writing this article, it became apparant to me that it apples to so many areas of my life. Maybe not as drastic as infertility, but I think in order to truley succeed in life our life plan is constantly shifting and changing. After having the priveledge of hearing other people's reaction to the article, they opened up about different life changes, ones that still rocked them to the core. I love that.

Have you had huge changes to your "life plan"? I would love to hear your story as well!

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