Friday, November 8, 2013

Halloween 2013 - This is the Night that Never Ends

...and it goes on and on my friends. Some people starting singing it not knowing what it was, and they'll continue singing it forever just because....

Mwahaha. I do so love giving my friends annoying things that will stay in their heads forever.

THIS is how Halloween feels though. The candy rush hasn't went away one week later, the costumes were talked about and asked about and begged to be worn well before October was here. We plotted our course, we went to fall fests...we decorated our house. It was all good fun and then, by November 1st, I was very very happy we had another year before the next Halloween.

This year we started with decorating the house. I haven't really ever done a lot of decorations but I had a Halloween Bunco I hosted so it gave me a great excuse to start. The kids flipped over it. They told me that their house is the BEST house on the whole block. Seriously though, it's creepy how my kids know just what to say to manipulate this probably-too-competitve mom to doing this every year. Their reactions were so adorable and they had me so puffed up that this will be a yearly tradition now. MY HOUSE WINS! Plus I found the BEST PUMPKINS EVER. Seriously, they are amazing. AMAZING. Just look at them, check out thier thick stems and beautiful color. Admire...then be jealous.

Best house EVER. I win. You lose.
The weekend prior to Halloween most of my neices and nephews came down with my sister who is on the brink of madness as her husband is out of town for way too long for his job. So naturally, she got the heck out of dodge and came to my house so our kids can play and leave us alone have a great time. My mom came with her and it was a fabulous girl's weekend with our 157 kids.

The 157 kids with their Nana

Then (quite literally) the night before Halloween we suddenly realized we hadn't carved pumpkins and to my horror I realized we had to cut open my beautifulamazinggorgeous pumpkins. WHAT!? Did I mention I loathe carving pumpkins? Okay so that's not true, I like doing it for about 5 seconds, until that nasty smell hits you...and you have to scoop out that grossness. Lil'Miss and I were in agreement in this. Plus...MY PUMKINS! Wah. Brewerman was just happy that he got to carve pumpkins with power tools. It turns out my fancy pants pumpkins were also incredibly thick and a pain to cut. It's like they were crying the whole time "I'm so could you!?"


Power Tools.

Our Ninja Turtle Pumpkin and Worty the Witch

My kids are awesome.

When Halloween did finally come 90 years later, it turned out to be a blast. I dressed up as a witch complete with a bunch of moles, my kids thought that was hilarious. I must admit I sorta adore having older kids now. Yes, it's terribly sad they aren't tiny and mushy and rolley any more but now that they are older, they are champion trick or treaters. No slow walking, no complaining about tired feet, no waiting, those kids are ready to go. I adore this part, because this means more good candy for mom....and the 11 year old kid in me is running, laughing, and complaining about the ones that give you crappy candy right along with them. With my wine of course. Best of both worlds? I think so!

We stayed out until about 9pm or so, closed down most of the homes around here. Lil'Miss was a champ and ready to go..that is until she fell and tore her tights...after that she was D O N E.

Lil'Guy as Michaelangelo. SHOCK he was a ninja turtle.

Lil'Dude as a Skeleton
My Ballerina. She tried to do a switcheroo last minut to Little Mermaid.
So I plopped a Little Mermaid crown on her head and all was right with the world.
Ready to stop taking pictures and get candy dangit.

Witch with her Wine Ready to TorT
Brewerman is obviously ver serious about passing out candy.
9 PM - still out closing down homes
(See my wine? Empty..time to go home kids!)
Now if someone can please get this candy out of my house so my kids will return to normal and I will stop getting fat. I can't do it...I have no will power. I will fight you...probably literally, but just ignore my cries and sobs and shake me off your foot and take it anyway.

But seriously, you can have my candy when you pry it out of my cold dead hands.

I mean my kid's candy...yeah..the "kid's" candy...of course I meant that.

*Goes and hides all the candy just in case someone does come.*

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